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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooler Temperatures

Hello out there! Finally the heat wave lessens. I am suseptible to high temps and function so much better in cool weather. So much like dogs and cats I get rejuvinated when fall finally gets here. Now what to do next? I want to return to walking, and outside activities. I also want to take grans outside more. But most of all I want to put away the wet cloths I wear around my neck all summer. To wear normal clothes not just tanks and shorts, maybe wear some make up. Humm. My pregnant friends are going thru much of the same. I expect they weren't as hot as I was(few are), but the pressure changes can cause aches and pains that come and go with the weather. Braxton Hicks contractions can be more noticeable and swelling can occur to hands/feet/and faces. You should also wear clothes in layers as we transition into Fall. Many places go from A/C to heat in no time, and if you bundle up because its cool outside and enter a heated place you may want to take stuff off! It is more noticible when pregnant due to hormones and greater blood volume. You will flush in response to temp change and the hormones over react. Just use sweaters or overshirts over a top and keep a jacket or sweater handy.
The temptation to take a really hot bath comes up arond this time of year. Keep it moderate. Warm enough to be comfortable but not to turn your skin red, keep water to drink on hand as well. You can easily dehydrate at any point in the year, and dehydration causes contractions and low amniotic fluid. you need to keep drinking water for your entire pregnancy,year round.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Spiritually expecting a baby

Hello Moms and Moms-to-be, I trust you are well,and that you are growing. That is actually my topic for today. Growth. The action of adding mass,height,and length. So you are not growing taller rather wider. The babe is doubling his mass every couple of days and like compounding interest- it adds up. Your health care provider has given you advice on how much to gain and I agree that it is a personal and individual subject. However there is an other form of growth that is even more important than your weight.
I am speaking of spiritual growth. By now you've had a couple (at least) sleepless nights and possibly a "come apart" over this baby. I would hope so, you are adding a new member to your family. This should bring up questions about how this effects your present situation and family dynamics. Also you have or should have developed a protective heart for this child. This causes a versus situation. Your needs versus the needs of the baby. You can't work like you used to but it is necessary to protect the baby. Your boss may not like it,your significant other may feel under pressure. They may both feel resentment. Tough. The baby is worthy of your protection. Spiritual love stemming from God is the maternal spirit. You don't have to be a believer to love,but believers know that it is a deeper love when God is involved. The acknowledgement of God as creator lends to a wonderment at how the egg becomes a zygote,to a fetus,to a baby and ultimately a person. It is a process. The whole of life is a growing process. Give God some credit for loving you and taking good care of you. If it is not your experience, then look into your heart, is God missing?
You are the protector, the host, the mother. You love someone who isn't even born yet. I ask, are you praying for them yet? What are you praying. Is it fear based? i.e. Please God let him live? Be so and sos' kid? Not be deformed because I used this or drank that???
Those are fear based prayers and you know what? They stop at the ceiling. God hears love, He hears your sincere repentance, He hears your positive affirmations of His love.
OK ,so what's this mean? Thank Him, even when it doesn't make sense. He is moving the universe to care for you. Develop an attitude of gratitude,find something good in all things. Say positive things about your child out loud even if others laugh."He will be the president/a doctor/great man of God". "He will do great things. She will do great things". Listen for God to tell you of your child. If you are facing great challenges to have this child, Rejoice!! This child is important. Adversity comes to those who the evil one hates. Gods favor comes as well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We all fall down

Well, the stomach virus that has knocked me out is finally easing. I marvel at young children who are unable to verbally complain and how they seem to motor thru these things. The grans both had this thing and were so sweet and huggy. I would have kissed them anyway so I don't blame them. Viruses are not respecters of person. They don't care who is their host and this week it was me. I won't go into the details. ya'll know what its like. Just saying I'm back and sorry for the delay. I am posting a video of a midwife in LA who describes the duties of a doula very well. Enjoy

Davi Kaur Khalsa: Doula Vs Midwife

Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Lucky Dog

Luck is a poor thing, small and unstable. A lucky person is an unbeliever who has a believer praying for them. In the Bible a Canaanite woman approached Jesus for deliverence from demons for her daughter. He told her that it is not right to throw the children's bread to the little dogs. She answered back that even the puppies eat the crumbs from their young masters table. Jesus marvelled at her faith and delivered her daughter at that moment; "O woman great is your faith". Matt 15:27
Luck is the crumbs of God's great buffet, and like scraps and drips they fall infrequently, unreliably and are never enough to satisfy. Why not stand up, recognise your host and come to the banquet?Forget luck and recieve blessing. All are welcome and the price? Receive your bountiful meal and say Thank you to your host. Salvation is your entry and Jesus paid for it. Mercy and Grace are for the children of God, it is the morning bread, fresh each morning with plenty for all. So don't settle for lucky crumbs; get all you need from God's table.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Doula wisdom

Hey everyone, I hope all are well, we are blessed. I wanted to write on the subject of doulas today. OK what the heck is a doula? In Greek the word means servant and in this context it is simply translated woman's servant. A doula is a non medical servant who is trained in pregnancy related subjects. She is a support and advocate for families preparing and undergoing the addition to their families. There are male doulas but primarily they are female and typically have experience that relates to childbirth. Many have had children and found that they needed more help or received that support and want to pass it on. While paid a fee they give alot more to their client than they could ever be paid for. Doulas are loving, interested and skilled. They are founts of information available to any who want to learn. While they are non medical many have some experience with hospitals and medical professionals. Some are medical professionals as well. The service of doula is more than information it is resources and encouragement and sympathy, and a willing helper when you are so tired of being pregnant. The principle of like makes like- you become like those you hang with-really comes into play here. A positive, pleasant, calm person to stay with you while you are hurting is priceless. Those whose family are far away geographically or emotionally really need someone there just for them. On the outset they meet 2 or 3 times to hopefully build a rapport and become friends. A doula might run errands or help get ready to go to the hospital. She has information on labor and ways to decrease pain naturally,massage,aromatherapy visualization and positioning. She can support emotionally and share coping mechanisms. She does not decide for a mother rather she shows her options so that mom can make her own informed decisions. This keeps the laboring mom on track for the birth she planned for. In the common event things change the doula is able to help mom and dad thru oft times confusing and scary events. I really love birth and am honored that I have been allowed into so many births.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello my friends, I am starting Childbirth Education classes this month. I have a one day event in Perry, Florida on July 24, 8:30 til 5 pm with time out for lunch. This is a fast moving class and must have several couples to sign on . This is via NFCC adult ed. If this class is cancelled I will be available for private classes, 3 hours for 4 meetings,totalling 12 hours of class. Notify me if you wish to attend or arrange private classes. Doula services are also available. You can also contact True Blue Doulas Inc. for more information. When should you take these classes? When ever you are interested, available, and make the time. Early pregnancy classes are available upon request and will also cover labor and the birth process. Classes are tailored to your needs. Don't expect the doctor or nurses to tell you as you go along. You need to know what to expect and what options you have. Knowledge is power. Peacefully Ms. Kathy

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello world, I am starting anew, to participation and helping others as well as myself. I wondered if I have any thing to say,and I do. I want to share common sense wisdom with Moms. Babies are precious and many have wondered at the hospital just letting them leave with their new instruction manual no guarantees. Most of it is you guessed it, common sesnse. It's just that it is not so common lately. Well I know that if I was stumped by something others are too. so I am offering my service as Ask Ms Kathy. I am a certified doula through DONA, a retired LPN(nurse) and former director of a pregnancy support center. I have many resources and experiences and feel up to answering your questions about pregnancy,family life and child growth and development. Please post any questions or email me at