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Monday, July 26, 2010

Doula wisdom

Hey everyone, I hope all are well, we are blessed. I wanted to write on the subject of doulas today. OK what the heck is a doula? In Greek the word means servant and in this context it is simply translated woman's servant. A doula is a non medical servant who is trained in pregnancy related subjects. She is a support and advocate for families preparing and undergoing the addition to their families. There are male doulas but primarily they are female and typically have experience that relates to childbirth. Many have had children and found that they needed more help or received that support and want to pass it on. While paid a fee they give alot more to their client than they could ever be paid for. Doulas are loving, interested and skilled. They are founts of information available to any who want to learn. While they are non medical many have some experience with hospitals and medical professionals. Some are medical professionals as well. The service of doula is more than information it is resources and encouragement and sympathy, and a willing helper when you are so tired of being pregnant. The principle of like makes like- you become like those you hang with-really comes into play here. A positive, pleasant, calm person to stay with you while you are hurting is priceless. Those whose family are far away geographically or emotionally really need someone there just for them. On the outset they meet 2 or 3 times to hopefully build a rapport and become friends. A doula might run errands or help get ready to go to the hospital. She has information on labor and ways to decrease pain naturally,massage,aromatherapy visualization and positioning. She can support emotionally and share coping mechanisms. She does not decide for a mother rather she shows her options so that mom can make her own informed decisions. This keeps the laboring mom on track for the birth she planned for. In the common event things change the doula is able to help mom and dad thru oft times confusing and scary events. I really love birth and am honored that I have been allowed into so many births.

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