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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What do you want,do you really,really want?

As a crafter and a self described generous person, I find gift giving very challenging. I don't seem to know what is a good gift or what my peers want as a gift. I see patterns for coasters or cowls but when I have made these I was rather... well.. underwhelmed by my recipients. Am I  the recent incarnation of the aunt who gives bunny PJs in that Christmas movie? Is my stuff ugly?? I never know and I would sincerely like some suggestions of handmade, crafted items that ya'll would like. Please! Check out Pinterest, or any search engine you like and send me ideas cuz creative gifts is all I am doing this if you want something from me or just want to help me along the path of great gifts- Speak up! Thank you in advance.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow it's been awhile.

I had no idea when I wrote last, so I checked the site and yikes February. Wow. Hmm. What have I been doing? Taking care of Business. The business of family. My daughter became pregnant with twins in February, and had to stop work in August. I have been caring for her, together with her wonderful husband, at my home. They have been saving for a house and this is a small obstacle. The twins are boys and very much anticipated. They have a fan club already in our family and I expect it will grow! Speaking of growing, my poor daughter is huge and immensely uncomfortable. I would love to show a pic, but I did mention she lives with me? Yeah I will be kind. So with the preparations for the boys, I have been busy sewing and knitting. I made some maternity stuff for V, and have done some work for pay. I am always excited that people like my work. I do try. I also care for my granddaughter who is 2 going on 30. She is amazing, gorgeous and smart. She also is a handful. So here are my reasons for being awol. I will try to become regular, but remember there will be some fascinating distractions soon, soooo, I will see.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Having a client that needed this technique reminded me to write about it. One of the most common new mom questions is- " how do I know if the baby is getting enough when they breastfeed?" I was taught so many tiny ques and observations but the one I figured out makes the most practical sense. Weigh them. A simple and non invasive technique. Medical scales at the hospital or clinic are sensitive enough for this task. A newborn will take 2- 4 ounces in a feeding after moms milk is in. A minimum feed of 2 ounces shows sufficient amount of intake. So here is the method. Weigh the baby, leave clothes/ blanket on for comfort. This is not an official weight, rather an observational tool. Make sure the diaper is clean. Feed the baby until they are satisfied, then before you change their diaper weigh them again. The gross weight of the baby with clothing or balnket, feeding,and dirty diaper should show a net gain equalling the amount of milk ingested. Tell your friends and you can thank me now!
I sincerely believe this to be my own idea, however I can't believe no one ever thought of it before, so if you know if this technique has a name or someone claims prior credit; please let me know and I will give credit.

Medical system nightmare

I am a doula, a woman who advocates for mothers and their families. I have had the pleasure and frustrations of being with women as they navigate the medical services needed for a healthy birth. The pleasures are deep friendships and being welcomed in at a very intimate time. The frustrations are the buracracy and human malicousness perpertrated on behalf of people who are petty tyrants and demigods of the public health system. I have seen nurses feed bottles to babes who 's mothers wanted to only breastfeed. I have seen Dr.s order and bully people into stopping breastfeeding because they could not quantify the baby's milk intake. A system more geared to obtaining vitals and observations and reporting them than the care of the patient. I was a LPN for 10 years until I was injured on the job. I chose not to return to the field when as a patient I experienced the brunt of poor medical care. I now rely on the public health system as I can not afford the medical insurance available to me.
I watch the workings and personalities and wonder how are they going to legislate being nice. Because it is not happening out there now, so someone will eventually get the great idea that it will fix things and it will be made to happen. Like the song a spoonfull of sugar makes the medicene go down, we need some sugar. Unfortunately it will be too late.
 The public system is experiencing culture shock and I believe they have a issue with their newest customers. You see, many people have experienced reversals because of the economy. Many are using the health departments and clinics as well. Together with higher education and the internet, todays patient is better informed to their medical conditions, their patient rights and are able to decipher good and adequate care from what they have offered in the recent past. With a greater influx I predict that conditions will deteriorate and even possibly collapse. Why? Because the private medical system is not willing or able to accomodate  mandated care. There will be many who fall thru these new cracks and you can't legislate concern and care in a world that already isn't fair or nice. Pray for good health because like a parent with too many kids; eventually somethings gotta give, and there will always be someone who is hurt.