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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Recap 2010

Hey there I am back. It has been a busy Fall/Winter so far. I was so busy in Nov/Dec that I really didn't even think about this blog. I know not good. However we did add two babies to the family and we are awaiting one more. Now for full disclosure one of those babes is a family friend,but we are so close we wish we were family! One is my new grand daughter Emme,and the other is Tristyn our friends son. Emme took 3 days of induction ending in an emergency c-section. My daughter worked so hard and did everything required to birth her child but her head was stuck! Oddly my daughter was stuck also and by a fluke she was freed to be born vaginally. I was sorry that it took so long for Emme,but both are fine and thriving.
Tristyn is a gorgeous boy who took 18 hours by induction. His mom was so strong! She never really cried out, took no pain meds, had pitocin and cervadil and rode her birth pains like a surfer. She stayed above them by meditating and breathing. She is marvleous. Both these ladies are breastfeeding and have had minor issues. I am so gratefull that they are devoted to their babies and are willing to give so much of themselves.
I have also been busy sewing,knitting and crocheting. Mostly baby stuff but for some adults too. I will post photos of some as soon as I figure out how to LOL.