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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooler Temperatures

Hello out there! Finally the heat wave lessens. I am suseptible to high temps and function so much better in cool weather. So much like dogs and cats I get rejuvinated when fall finally gets here. Now what to do next? I want to return to walking, and outside activities. I also want to take grans outside more. But most of all I want to put away the wet cloths I wear around my neck all summer. To wear normal clothes not just tanks and shorts, maybe wear some make up. Humm. My pregnant friends are going thru much of the same. I expect they weren't as hot as I was(few are), but the pressure changes can cause aches and pains that come and go with the weather. Braxton Hicks contractions can be more noticeable and swelling can occur to hands/feet/and faces. You should also wear clothes in layers as we transition into Fall. Many places go from A/C to heat in no time, and if you bundle up because its cool outside and enter a heated place you may want to take stuff off! It is more noticible when pregnant due to hormones and greater blood volume. You will flush in response to temp change and the hormones over react. Just use sweaters or overshirts over a top and keep a jacket or sweater handy.
The temptation to take a really hot bath comes up arond this time of year. Keep it moderate. Warm enough to be comfortable but not to turn your skin red, keep water to drink on hand as well. You can easily dehydrate at any point in the year, and dehydration causes contractions and low amniotic fluid. you need to keep drinking water for your entire pregnancy,year round.

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