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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey Moms!

Hello there, it has been a while but when there is nothing going on there is’nt anything to say. Today I was skimming the RSS feeds and saw an idea that is useful to pregnant and new moms. Jille at One good thing wrote on the additional uses for baby wipes. While she elaborated well, the one that struck me as very useful is to use wipes with Witch hazel added. She advised the aloe type and to add a bottle of witch hazel to the container. Use on hemorrhoids and also stitches! This would also be useful for any open or post-op site in the peri-anal area. There is already a good product on the market for this however it comes in tiny pads and you get stuff on your hands! This is Plus- Plus sized and can be used at home or when traveling by simply using a plastic wipes container (the small diaper bag sized ones). You can also line your panties with one to keep the witch hazel on the site. With hazel is an astringent that also has analgesic properties. That is it helps relieve pain topically. Come to think about it they would be useful for bites and scrapes on any part of the body. I am going to get some set up for the grandbabies who often encounter ants and mosquitoes. I bet they will go over well.