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Friday, August 19, 2011

Doula stuff

Being a doula in a recession is a difficult place. I really love helping Moms but I also can't drive around without means. That's why the internet is such a great tool. It can even be interactive. The most difficult part is showing genuine interest to a mostly faceless post. It is hard to ask intimate info from a stranger especially discussing your baby and /or intimate funcutions of your body. I laugh sometimes because I am very comfortable relating about mucus plugs and breast changes.I have seen eyes widen and blink rapidly and then a sudden abandon of manners while the strangest questions come tumbling out! I certainly ask for it! There is no question that expectant and new moms have questions. A doula can work wonders in person but also online and on the phone.Just a reassuring tone and understanding person to listen to you can turn a crazy situation around.If you need to ask anything (about pregnancy/childbirth/resources/breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/diapers circumcision/how to talk to Drs/etc please call, write or run to me. I am willing to help in anyway I can. Today we should never risk babies and moms for any reason. Even if you can't pay anything; it's that important.
There is a challange afoot! I think I may just have to play in this one. It is a retro pillow challange and If I can figure out how to grab the button I will show you where. Still learning :).

August doings

Hello, I have been rather busy. I opened an online store at Meylah Marketplace, It is a online handcrafts site and it is free with an option for marketplace that costs. When I start making money I will upgrade to premium,but for now it is what it is. So I have been gathering finished items, taking photos and learning how to open my store Kathy's Crafts. The address for my store is and is the only way to get to it until I go premium. I am also taking custom orders. If you have an Idea; ask I may now how to make it! I sew, refashion, knit, crochet and quilt.