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Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Lucky Dog

Luck is a poor thing, small and unstable. A lucky person is an unbeliever who has a believer praying for them. In the Bible a Canaanite woman approached Jesus for deliverence from demons for her daughter. He told her that it is not right to throw the children's bread to the little dogs. She answered back that even the puppies eat the crumbs from their young masters table. Jesus marvelled at her faith and delivered her daughter at that moment; "O woman great is your faith". Matt 15:27
Luck is the crumbs of God's great buffet, and like scraps and drips they fall infrequently, unreliably and are never enough to satisfy. Why not stand up, recognise your host and come to the banquet?Forget luck and recieve blessing. All are welcome and the price? Receive your bountiful meal and say Thank you to your host. Salvation is your entry and Jesus paid for it. Mercy and Grace are for the children of God, it is the morning bread, fresh each morning with plenty for all. So don't settle for lucky crumbs; get all you need from God's table.

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