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Saturday, June 25, 2011

More finished items

Lets see, what photos do we have today? This is a very soft and light baby blanket in acylic. It was gifted to Alonah earlier this month. The bottom edge was wavy. I went to redo it but I had already woven in the end and couldn't find it. So it waves on. It is a simple basket weave and I worked on it most while waiting with Virginia as she labored with Emme.

It is white with light purple and pink. I really want more of this yarn.I think its sport wieght.

These are Abby's birthday gift. She was using Nathaniels newborn diapers for stuffed animals and those cost money honey, soooo Yaya made her some cloth toy diapers. Super cute, really easy. Well that's it for today, now that I know how to post photos I will do so more often.

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