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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What do you want,do you really,really want?

As a crafter and a self described generous person, I find gift giving very challenging. I don't seem to know what is a good gift or what my peers want as a gift. I see patterns for coasters or cowls but when I have made these I was rather... well.. underwhelmed by my recipients. Am I  the recent incarnation of the aunt who gives bunny PJs in that Christmas movie? Is my stuff ugly?? I never know and I would sincerely like some suggestions of handmade, crafted items that ya'll would like. Please! Check out Pinterest, or any search engine you like and send me ideas cuz creative gifts is all I am doing this if you want something from me or just want to help me along the path of great gifts- Speak up! Thank you in advance.  

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