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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wow it's been awhile.

I had no idea when I wrote last, so I checked the site and yikes February. Wow. Hmm. What have I been doing? Taking care of Business. The business of family. My daughter became pregnant with twins in February, and had to stop work in August. I have been caring for her, together with her wonderful husband, at my home. They have been saving for a house and this is a small obstacle. The twins are boys and very much anticipated. They have a fan club already in our family and I expect it will grow! Speaking of growing, my poor daughter is huge and immensely uncomfortable. I would love to show a pic, but I did mention she lives with me? Yeah I will be kind. So with the preparations for the boys, I have been busy sewing and knitting. I made some maternity stuff for V, and have done some work for pay. I am always excited that people like my work. I do try. I also care for my granddaughter who is 2 going on 30. She is amazing, gorgeous and smart. She also is a handful. So here are my reasons for being awol. I will try to become regular, but remember there will be some fascinating distractions soon, soooo, I will see.

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