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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Have you heard of refashioning? It is the practice of taking one old item and giving it a new life. You can use it as it is for a new purpose- a tote bag for a diaper bag. What I like is to change it at its most basic and totally change it's shape and use. I have cut off Levi shorts and made it into a book bag. All of the pockets are available plus the new ones inside. Cute,Useful and for sale lol.

One of my favorites is a old dress that came out great. I especially like the coral satin lining with pockets.
The outside is cotton and the inside is satin polyester. It went together so well ,I really might keep it for myself, but I feel that way about every thing I make! The question is what to make next. I like the idea of totes but I think I want to make some ipad and reader covers also.I have a lot of hand me down fabric and I don't want it to have to find a new home when I'm gone. I need to sew!

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