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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daniel Fast

January is the time my family devotes to a Daniel fast. It is a simplified eating plan that is supposed to allow more time to pray. I do it out of respect for my pastor who calls it and my husband who follows it each year. It is a good idea but it doesn't fit me very well. I am a diabetic and all the carbs is hard on my body. It thinks I am starving and my appetite and weight  increase. After 2 weeks of the 3 involved I started to have cramps and muscle pain; my dear spouse released me and I started eating turkey.Within hours I was relieved of the cramps and the pain has diminished as well. I have a sensitivity to rice so rice and beans raise my blood sugar alot,like over 500 on my medicine. The diet is just not good for me. Lots of fruit juice and fresh raw veggies and fruit are too high in sugars for me. I need grains and protein to keep balanced. I like salads and veggies but I need protein also. I pray regardless of my food intake, however I feel fasting is a good tool to keep the flesh at bay. So did I fail? Maybe but I know that God is working in my life and body and forgives me. I also believe that He will continue with me and that what I eat is not important to my spiritual; life only this flesh. I will continue to believe for health and to discipline my body to accommodate health in my body, I will not beat myself up for not being like everyone else.

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