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Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafting during pregnancy

What do childbirth and crafting have in common? Creativity! While you are waiting the mind starts to dream and restlessness increases. I found for myself the nesting instinct cannot always be satisfied by grand projects like nurseries. Circumstances like finances, rental property (no painting) and bedrest can deter all manner of plans. Some of us already had a hobby or skill. Pregnancy inspires ideas for the new one coming. Baby blankets, sweaters and hats, mittens and booties; the list grows! Of course it is a time for learning new crafts and skills.
There was a time when you could expect some items gifted to a new baby would be handmade. There is indeed a resurgence of this but those items tend to be put away as too nice for a baby. I really try to make things that are washable and soft, designed to be safe and useful.
Childbirth and pregnancy will teach a woman that this primal bodily process. No matter how much we try to be clean and beautiful thru pregnancy and labor there is a mess involved. We are dealing with the human body here. Blood, poop, and tears are common and are nothing to be ashamed of. We clean it up and deal with it. It is a time to mature, and accept the things we cannot control and do all we can in those things we have some control of.
Small handicrafts can be a really good distraction. I love the trend for kooky knit or crochet hats with eyes and earflaps or braids like pig tails. There are plenty of great ideas for useful projects as well. I like decorated burp cloths, fleece blankets, nursing cover ups, and pacifier clips. Easy and fun to accomplish a special item for baby.
There are many places on the web to learn “how to”. Visit the library for books as well. It doesn’t have to be a grand work of art, just a pleasant pastime to help you peacefully wait as your body finishes the wondrous work that is your baby. If you want some projects and cannot find a tutorial I will look for you or possibly walk you thru it!
This is a blanket designed by Dad that I sewed for Little man. It is Minky on the back, Winnie the Pooh on the front with satin trim at the ends. I then took yarn and tied it together at the corners of the printed pattern, easy wash and lovable.

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