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Monday, November 21, 2011

CHRIST mas Season

Christmas Season
I saw a very interesting blog entry at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. A guest blogger from Kojo Designs wrote about Advent decorations. I never really liked Advent calendars with my kids because they would have meltdowns with too much candy and all the ones I saw had candy or toys involved. With three children (and half the neighborhood in my house thru any given day) it had potential for being chaotic and pricey. Times are still lean and I am not giving candy out to toddlers. I really like my DIL. But these ideas were so varied that any crafty person could make some version of these.
The reason for the season is Jesus, so 25 ornaments with diverse names of Christ. The styles can be childish or adult and anywhere in between. They can also be given to a newly grown adult (first tree, etc) or even a new believer. I would give scripture as to why He has that name as well. You can easily Google the Names of Christ but there are far many than 25!
In this very commercial,stylized,modern day I welcome a reminder of why we celebrate a baby born in a stable,lain in a manger, sent by our Heavenly Father to save the world. Peace
/ to see that post!

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