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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sassy Sites!: "HeLLo FRieNd" ParTy!

Sassy Sites!: "HeLLo FRieNd" ParTy!: "Why did you decide to start blogging?
I have knowledge that can help people. I am always offering my info and help so I thought why not offer it on a blog.
When you aren't blogging, what are you doing?
Running errands, crafting, playing with the grankids and taking care of the home.
What is your blog about?
My crafting adventures and information on being a mom from pregnancy to empty nest.
When do you find the time to blog?
I have to make time, but once a week or so I just gotta write!
Why do you love blogging?
I need to spout off and this gives me opportunity and it helps me to think about what I am sharing.Read it over, edit, spellcheck etc. It is a dicipline in knowing what I want to share.
What is your favorite post so far that you've written?
"I'm new, I don't yet have a favorite. Come share your commets and we will grow together.

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  1. Cute Blog!! I am your newest follower checking you out from Sassy Sites. You can see my blog here if you'd like:)