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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more items to show

I finally have a moment where I am alone, awake and calm. I have recently seen advise to really be sure what we bloggers are putting on our sites so I am trying to be wise. This stuff takes on a life of its' own even when its just a listing of crafts I have made. There is really no change in my lifestyle when the seasons change,I am either trying to keep the house warm or cool. Realisticly I am the home keeper,yes I meant home keeper. It is my place/job to keep all the systems on go or modify accordingly. Summer time I try to hang laundry, I still use the dryer for tossing/ironing just not for hours at a time. Winter I try to keep the house warmish by having a fire going. Now some will say"Kathy you hate being hot,so why heat your house in the winter?" Because of other people namely grankids. Although the last 2 are heat sinks and will likely like it cool. However not cold. I like the family coming over!

Craft wise I do work on smaller projects during the summer. Hats, smaller scarves, modular items and things that don't need to drape into my lap. I also do a great deal of mending especially for the grankids. A1 wanted me to fix this guy and in secounds he was good as new. Instant gratification!

 In the winter the growing afghan or baby blanket is a great way to layer your warm clothes. Even in heated places I can usually find a cool spot to work on a project.  The blanket and babe above will be another post in detail but ain't he cute?

The one thing I really want to learn is how to make socks. I don't have much sock weight yarn and I seem to have a mental block about it, but with tutorials online I will learn!!! Not that I wear socks...I am a flip flop kinda girl,but they are so pretty and small. Maybe I wll sell or gift them ...we will see. 

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