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Friday, August 19, 2011

Doula stuff

Being a doula in a recession is a difficult place. I really love helping Moms but I also can't drive around without means. That's why the internet is such a great tool. It can even be interactive. The most difficult part is showing genuine interest to a mostly faceless post. It is hard to ask intimate info from a stranger especially discussing your baby and /or intimate funcutions of your body. I laugh sometimes because I am very comfortable relating about mucus plugs and breast changes.I have seen eyes widen and blink rapidly and then a sudden abandon of manners while the strangest questions come tumbling out! I certainly ask for it! There is no question that expectant and new moms have questions. A doula can work wonders in person but also online and on the phone.Just a reassuring tone and understanding person to listen to you can turn a crazy situation around.If you need to ask anything (about pregnancy/childbirth/resources/breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/diapers circumcision/how to talk to Drs/etc please call, write or run to me. I am willing to help in anyway I can. Today we should never risk babies and moms for any reason. Even if you can't pay anything; it's that important.

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